Thursday, June 6, 2013

Nest Update

It's been three weeks today since there were 4 eggs in the nest.  Momma bird has been very diligent and dedicated sitting on and turning her eggs.  Another bird has been bringing her food.  I've only see her leave to get water and I what I assume is to stretch just a bit.
We've not been using that door, the steps are roped off, no one is near the nest.  But yesterday afternoon I think she abandoned her eggs.  She wasn't there this morning either.  :(
I've seen a bird come up and check the nest then fly away a few times.  This makes me sad.  A Google search says sparrow eggs hatch in 12-17 days depending on which site you read.  It's been 21 days.   I think I'll wait a couple more days but then I think I will remove the wreath...and the nest.  I was hoping for baby birds. :(

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