Monday, May 13, 2013

Counting our eggs...

For weeks there's been a few birds hanging out on the wreath on our door.  Last week they started to build a nest, gather leaves from the mesquite trees, twigs from the yard and some of Cassie's hair (she's shedding like nobody's business right now).  Saturday morning there was a single egg in the nest.  This photo was taken on Mother's Day...a pair of eggs.  They are so tiny and pale blue in color with spots. 
This is on the door we use all the time, but we decided to lock it so we don't disturb them too much and use the front door instead.  This Monday morning there were three eggs and momma bird has been hanging out almost all day.  It's right up against the window with the shade in it.  It's closed but I can see her shadow.  She's been busy gathering more material and building up around the eggs.  I wonder if there will be more eggs?  We'll have to watch to find out. I hope we get to see them hatch, watch them grow and fly away.   
For the last 5 years,we've had a nest in the closet outside and have had baby birds hatch and grow up there but this is right at our dining room table.  Can't wait to see what happens.

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