Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Officially Unemployed

It's a sad day.  I love my job, but the store is closing.  Yesterday was my last official day.  I'll be giving my time for the next week or so to clear out the store of all sorts of goodies, dispay fixtures and more.  Filing for unemployment was a first for me today, we'll see what comes of that.  If you live in the Las Vegas area, please come by Lollipops & Roses for some great deals...there are many to be had.  It's all kind surreal right now...and weird for me.  Guess I'll be on the hunt for a new job.  :(


Tina said...

Hope you have better luck than I have. I've been looking for a job since I got laid off two years ago. :(

Lynn said...

I follow your blog faithfully, you are so talented. You will find something, I always go back to the saying," When one door closes, another on will open." Good Luck in your search.


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