Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whirlwind Valentines Week

Last week was one that sped by so fast I swear it was spinning.  I worked at a local flower shop for 7 days...58 hours.  It was a fun experience spending my week working with flowers, filling orders, meeting new people, being super busy and having a good time.  It's really hard to not be happy when you're surrounded by flowers...although I did have my share of rose thorns stab me.  I've since dug them out, my fingers are looking better.  I'm thankful for the opportunity for sure, and they've asked me back for Mother's Day so I'm excited about that.  Taking Monday afternoon off to get my cortisone shots for my knees was definitely worth it, the week would have been miserable otherwise.  In the midst of all the flower frenzy, I managed to get a queen size rag quilt finished for delivery Thursday night at one of my meetings.  She loved it by the way.  My hubby and I enjoyed dinner Saturday evening, visited with my parents, and came by for lunch one day so I don't feel like I totally missed out.  Although, I did miss Daytona... :(  But don't fret Crystal, you'll be at the Vegas race for 4 days.  ;)

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