Monday, September 28, 2009

Surviving Your Craft Show

Don't get caught off guard at your next craft show.  Remember the Boy Scout Motto:  Be Prepared.  (Yes, I was a Girl Scout as a youth, and a Boy Scout Leader for 17 years.)  Pack a few things with you "just in case" you might need them.  If you do, you'll be glad you planned well and were prepared.   Surviving your day at the craft show will be a snap.

Small 1st Aid Kit
*  bandaids
*  tape
*  scissors
*  guaze
*  Neosporin
*  Ace bandage
*  Asperin/Advil/Tylenol
*  pain relief creme
*  Pepto Bismal

*  baby wipes
*  tissue
*  lotion
*  feminine protection
*  paper towels
*  water
*  snacks
*  small ice chest
*  lunch
*  gloves
*  jacket or sweater
*  umbrella
*  chair

1 comment:

Lynn @ Painting Thyme Needfuls said...

Thanks ...doing a show in a few weeks!!!


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