Thursday, April 24, 2008

Have a Seat

Well have a seat! Today is the day I finally decided to get back to this blog thing and put together posts about what I really wanted to use it for. Inpiration, creativity, and crafty stuff! Let's talk about crafty garden ideas for the next couple of days, so get comfy.

Today topic: chairs
A chair is your garden is a delightful respite from the work that goes on there, or maybe its just a place to ponder life. What ever it is for you, paint it a bright, bold, fresh color. Color is what a garden is all about, so add some more with brightly painted cahirs.

If you don't want to sit in your chair, make it a special place for some of your favorite flowers. Take an old dining chair, paint it a bright color, white or even black for more dramatic results. Cut a hole in the seat slightly smaller than the rim of the flower pot or container you'll be using and drop your container in the hole. If you cut it too big and the pot falls through...don't fret. A simple fix is to place a few screws in the cut edge, letting them stick out a little. This will make the hole smaller and your pot won't be on the ground. Add some wonder geraniums, petunias, ferns, or a mix of several if the pot is large enough.

I hope this give you a creative little bug that makes you want to do something for yourself and others to enjoy!

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