Saturday, August 29, 2009

Computer trouble

I've been having computer issues as of late. A virus apparently attacked my computer so I ran Norton looks like it cleaned it all up but now I cant log into my blogs to update them. AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! So I've hijacked my hubby's laptop to ask for computer help. It says I need to enable cookies and java script...I enabled my cookies but I can't even find java script on my puter now. Someone please help!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

New Blog

Hey all you bloggers be sure to stop by my newest blog, It's all about a new craft show I've formed here in Las Vegas. That the name was fitting.

So Ready For Fall

Well, fall temperatures anyway...and the whole feeling and look that goes with it. I even changed out my blog backgrounds to make me feel like it was getting closer. The heat around here is just not what I want at all at the moment. I know it's still August but I am done with 108 degree days. On a good note, we did get some rain today...about 10 minutes worth but I will take it. A cold (okay, cool) front has blown up out of Arizona and it feels good tonight. Now if we can just keep up with this it would be wonderful.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Works in Progress

Craft show season has snuck up on me this year. I've been slow to get things done for some reason. During the spring I had a hysterectomy and it took longer for me to heal than least what I expected. It was'nt like having my children by c-section, it was a lot harder. Anyway, I think it really slowed me down this year. So now I starting to work like a mad woman on projects. Here is some of what I'm working on lately.

I've been through my rag quilt phase. I've completed about a dozen or so of them. Sold several at a summer show, have several more that just need washing so I guess I'm almost done with that phase.

My last set of projects have been screen paintings. What is that you say? These designs are painted on solar screen. Lots of snowmen and pumpkins are running a muck around here. Some have been framed while others are looking for frames to call home.

I've been working on ornaments...not as many as I should have been working, but the ones I do have completed are adorable. These two are my own design that I've not made in several years. They've been updated with fleece and I really like them.

Everyone loves snowmen but I also really like Santas too. There are lots of people that collect Santa's and have some truly awesome ones. Let's hope they like this little guy to hang on they're tree this year.

I'll be at several craft shows this fall...not as many as last year though. Being cautious this year. When you see me, stop, say 'hi', and buy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baking Bonanza

Yesterday was spent with my 2 nieces baking cookies and brownies all day. We all enjoyed the day and the company. I haven't gotten to spend time with them in quite a while, besides it was a nice change of pace for them too. We made peanut butter cookies with chocolate drops, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and even worked on some of the craft show items like snowman soup, etc. We got alot accomplished. I think they'll be back next week to make cinnamon rolls.

Etsy Update

Just added a few new items to my Esty site. Please come by to check them out.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Craft Show Check List...Part 2

Many times you have to travel for a good craft show. Part two will help you make sure you bring what you need and that your vehicle is ready to hit the road.

___ check oil
___ check tires
___ check battery
___ check air filter
___ check all fluids
___ check windshield
___ jack/tire wrench
___ emergency road kit
___ spare tires (car and trailer)
___ gas up vehicle
___ gallon of water
___ pack well(tight)
___ blanket

___ shoes
___ flip flops/crocs
___ jeans
___ shirts
___ undies/bras
___ socks
___ pj’s
___ show clothes
___ jacket/sweater
___ hat (if outside)

___ medications
___ sunglasses
___ make up
___ deodorant
___ hair spray
___ curling iron/dryer
___ hair clips
___ lotion
___ pain reliever
___ shampoo/rinse
___ razor
___ toothbrush/paste
___ Aspercreme
___ sanitary items
___ suitcase
­­­___ Pepto/Tums, etc
___ pillow
___ bandaids
___ small 1st aid kit

___ cell phone
___ phone charger
___ blue tooth
___ camera/charger
___ map/mapquest
___ credit card
___ cash for you
___ snacks/water
___ show information
___ hotel information
___ note book
___ tote bag
___ magazines
___ lantern/batteries
___ flash light
___ small ice chest
___ drinks
___ lunch

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Featured on another blog!

Wow! This is a first for me. One on my pieces is featured on another blog today. Please go to to see. I've added this blog to my favorites and thought you might want to also. I am blessed to have someone else see a piece that I've created and want to tell others about it. I think it's awesome. Thank you Barb King for the kind words! It's much appreciated.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Craft Show Check List...Part 1

Getting to your craft show location and realizing you forgot something can be extremely frustrating. Don’t get caught off guard. The following is a check list to help you out.

___ canopy
___ tarps (sides)
___ weights
___ stakes
___ zip ties
___ wire
___ wire cutters
___ tables
___ clamps
___ table coverings
___ baskets
___ crates (display fixtures)
___ bungee cords
___ dolly
___ hooks
___ grid wall (or other walls)
___ chair
___ name sign or banner

___ hammer
___ drill/bits & tips
___ extra battery (charged)
___ wire cutters
___ scissors
___ staple gun/staples
___ screws/nails
___ jute twine
___ duct tape/masking tape
___ utility knife
___ glue gun/glue sticks
___ screwdriver

___ stand or table
___ register/cashbox
___ register tape
___ extra batteries for register
___ credit card slips
___ credit card machine
___ change for event
___ pens/markers
___ Scotch tape
___ extra price tags
___ show paperwork
___ blank tags for baskets
___ bags
___ tissue
___ flyers/postcards
___ business cards
___ camera
___ mailing list/clipboard
___ paper clips
___ calculator
___ receipt book
___ stapler/staples
___ baby wipes
___ hand sanitizer

___ power strips
___ heavy duty extension cord
___ clamp lights
___ light bulbs
___ light bars(tracks)



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